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Calendar of Events

GGFG Regimental Association Reunion 2019


Fellow Guardsmen we are looking forward to seeing you all once again at a great night of food, friends and music at Reunion 2019.  Tickets are $65.00 with proceeds going to support association activities and our beloved regiment.  Up The Guards!

This year we are trying a new, less formal approach that still includes the most important features of camaraderie, military music, and maintaining a connection with the serving members of the GGFG.


As part of this new format we are planning the following changes:

  • A complimentary tour of the Canadian War Museum where we we will perform an act of remembrance in front of the regiment's WWII era Sherman Tank of Forceful III.

  • Opportunities to interact with current military kit used by the regiment and see what's changed since last you wore the uniform.

  • Try your aim on the simulated small arms range.

  • Visit the Regimental Museum.

  • A short and sweet Annual General Meeting (with beers on tap).

  • Learn what we're planning for the upcoming 150th anniversary of the GGFG in 2022.

  • Try an example of our celebratory whisky.

  • A more casual, buffet style meal (with a much broader menu choice) rather than a formal jacket-and-tie dinner in the style of a mess dinner.

Dress Instruction

Smart Casual.  Jeans acceptable, no tears please - You're still a Guard!



1:30 PM              War Museum Visit (This is a placeholder at the moment)

4:00 PM              Arrive at Cartier Square Drill Hall

4:15 PM              Reconnect with the GGFG & the Association

  • Interactive Stands

  • GGFG Museum

  • Mess Open

  • Annual General Meeting - Jr's Mess

  • Act of Remembrance

  • Whisky Tasting

  • GGFG Regimental Band Performance

7:00 PM              Buffet Dinner

11:30 PM            Adjourn

Ticket Instructions

When booking your ticket, please note any dietary concerns in the Notes section. There will be seats available but you are encouraged to mix and mingle.


Cartier Square Drill Hall, 2 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa, ON  K2P 2H9

Your Financial Support Is Welcome

As always we'd appreciate your financial support, so if you're able, a charitable donation would be appreciated.

See you at the party!

GGFG Regimental Association

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