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Time To Break Out The Polish

On the eve of Guards Ball 2018, I want to say a great big thank you to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to organize tomorrow evening's event. Your tireless efforts and commitment will undoubtedly ensure that people will be talking about this ball for years to come.

Their list of accomplishments is impressive:

A beautiful new venue

Several new corporate sponsors

Over a dozen donated door prizes

Commemorative slide show

Musical trio from the Central Band, and

A live Comedian (get ready for Cpl. (ret'd) Brian Hope!)

Fellow guardsmen this will this will be a ball to remember and 250 of your closest friends will be there to enjoy the party!

I have said many times lately that our Regimental Association depends on the strength of our volunteers; we simply could not pull off events like this without them.

In closing I feel truly grateful to be in the company of so many former and currently serving members who've demonstrated their stalwart dedication to our regimental family.

See you on the dance floor at Guards Ball 2018!

Up The Guards!

Darren Fleming

President, GGFG Regimental Association

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