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New Home of The Guards Star

Fellow Guardsmen,

At the last meeting of the GGFG Regimental Association executive it was decided that the producing the Guards Star in its past format was proving cumbersome and was no longer the best best vehicle with which to communicate with our membership.

With the email marketing capabilities of Member365, the tools of this website, and social media, we believe we can do better.

Going forward we will be posting articles here on our association website's blog which has been renamed The Guards Star. This tool provides a quick and easy way for us to post content, articles, and photos, meaning we will no longer face delays from waiting until we've assembled all contributions necessary to produce an issue.

The intent is still to share messages from the LCC, RSM as well as band on a regular basis as these are important traditional links for our members to regimental activities. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing more from us as we post some back logged content that we've been sitting on but having trouble pushing out the door.

We need your help. We are looking for a few more people to help collect and post content. This is a really simple job and would be a fun way you could support your association. If you're interested send us an email at

Up The Guards!

Darren Fleming, President

GGFG Regimental Association

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