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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting of the Governor General's Footguards Regimental Association will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018.

This year we will be announcing our plan for celebrating the regiment's 150th anniversary in 2022.

In addition, Adam Orton has stepped down from his position as VP Communications and we will be holding elections. This is a perfect time to get involved as there is plenty of fun, high impact activity going on. Whether you're a comms master and have some skills to lend, or just beginning your journey, we'd love to have you.

If you have questions feel free to send us an email at

The meeting will be held in the JR's Mess at Cartier Square Drill Hall starting at 21:00hrs.

Please register here to let us know you're coming: Click Here

Support Your Association - Once A Guardsman, Always A Guardsman

As you may recall, last year we passed an amendment to the Bylaws doing away with membership dues for past-serving members. Our feeling was that we never wanted anyone to wonder if they would be welcome at any of our events if they hadn't paid their dues. Instead we'd ask you to donate in what ever way that's right for you, either financially or with your time, depending on what you can spare. We'll be glad to see you either way.

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