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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Fellow Guardsmen,

Please be advised that, coinciding with the GGFG Regimental Association Reunion on 16 November 2019, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. The event, inclusive of the AGM, will begin at 4:00 PM.

We will be holding elections for the following positions on the Association's executive committee:



Chief Financial Officer

VP - Communications

I have advised the executive that, in the interest of focusing on better communications with our members, that I will step down as President and seek the post of VP Comms. while continuing to serve as Immediate-Past-President. This is also a good time to pass the torch in the interest of developing a broader leadership pool. Please consider putting yourself forward. If you have questions you can reach me directly via the association email address:

Jaime Bell has served his term as interm CFO, and departed to the Netherlands on a diplomatic posting. Jonathan Cheff is currently serving in an interim capacity until voted in at the AGM.

Alana Ali has indicated she is not able to continue in a second term as Secretary. She is a rising star in her civvy job and a serving MCpl in the regiment. She is busy!

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