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A Message from the President

Fellow Guardsmen,

I wanted to write you a personal note to explain why I will be stepping down as president of our association this Saturday at our AGM.

It is not an easy decision but one I believe is the right thing to do. While I am committed to continuing to share my vision and ideas, it is time for some new blood to be leading this charge. The truth is that after 6 years as CFO and president, I am tired and need to pass the torch.

We need someone who can build upon the strong foundation we have built and is willing to do their part to make sure the connection you share with the regiment we love remains strong and firm, years after you may have stopped parading and hung up your bearskin.

I will not be abandoning you. Instead I will be moving into the position of Immediate Past President and my focus will be on ensuring we have good communication and website.

We have some great leaders in our regimental family and I am confidant that we can find someone who will excel as our new president. If you think you might be that person, rest assured you will have my full support. This means you don't have to be a technical wizard to qualify.

We will be looking for names at this weekend's AGM. I would encourage you to consider whether you or a friend would be worth nominating.

But I have a parting request for all you:

We need to stop expecting the association executive team to run the social events. There just aren't enough hands there any longer. Instead I am looking to follow a similar model of the the JR's Christams Dinner. A group of great people who come together once a year for a short sprint, followed by a party. So I am looking for a few good guardsmen to join the new Guards Ball 2020 and the Reunion 2020 committees. Your job will be to do a few hours of work alongside several and help us stop burning out our volunteers. This is a real problem and you are the solution.

If you're interested please email us at the address below:

See you at Reunion 2019. Up The Guards!

Darren Fleming, President GGFG Regimental Association

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